An Amazing Lockdown Journey

When lockdown began I never imagined our lives as we knew it would change so dramatically. Things that we took for granted like time spent with friends and family and going to gym rapidly became a distant memory. Work became something that many people missed and schools took on a completely different dimension to anything we’d ever seen before.

For some of us though, lockdown created an opportunity, an amazing opportunity to change our lives beyond recognition, to make much needed changes to our lives to allow us to be the best version of ourselves.

I have been on the craziest journey over the last 3 months, a journey that has led me to become incredibly proud of myself, the person I have become and all that I achieved. I have been on the most amazing journey during lockdown and discovered so much about myself in the process.

3 months ago I hit my lowest point; consumed by anxiety, depression and self hatred, I was in a very dark place and couldn’t see any way out. I had spent years trying to work out my purpose in life, trying to be somebody I’m not because I thought that was who I should be. I had spent stupid amounts of money of new clothes and shoes because I thought looking different would make me feel different, because I thought looking different would make people like me more. I continually sought external validation because I felt worthless and useless, fat and ugly and simply not good enough. I was controlled by the negative thoughts that overwhelmed me and the giant lack of self belief that overshadowed every part of my life. I was terrified of losing my family but also felt they would be better off without. I was so confused, my life was a mess and my head was well and truly stuck in the past.

The transformation has been incredible. I love how I have turned my life around and taken the steps towards becoming the best version of myself in such a short space of time. I am amazed at how different my life is and how changing my mindset has influenced my relationships with others so dramatically. I have learnt amazing techniques to focus on the future instead of the past, reframe my thinking and focus on the positives. I have eliminated the fears I once had and realised that I’m a tough little cookie and can totally nail everything in life with a smile on my face and a heart filled with joy.

I have created my own blog from scratch and started my own little business with Oriflame. I have also started training to become a life coach to help people like me who have become lost in themselves. Most importantly I have found my purpose in life and overcome those limiting beliefs and nagging doubts to take my life to the next level.

Even better than this, I am totally going to help you do the same thing because you are worth it. You are amazing and deserve to live a life you love, filled with happiness and everything you desire.

Watch this space 🙌

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